Iowa Benchmarking Program and B3 Webinars

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B3 Benchmarking Overview

Have you ever wanted to compare the energy and water consumption and costs of your buildings, month to month or year to year? Do you want to know your building’s carbon footprint? 
Would you like to learn which of your buildings are cost-effective to improve? Join us to learn how!

In one hour, this B3 Overview webinar will tell you what B3 Benchmarking is all about and provide you the tools to enter building and meter data and use the analysis features right away!  Learn how to:

  • Add/edit buildings to your organization’s portfolio
  • Troubleshoot error and warning messages
  • Read your utility bill to accurately enter meter information
  • Interpret Benchmark, Peer Comparison, ENERGY STAR®, and Baseline results
  • Develop user-defined reports
  • Utilize both the energy and water modes

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B3 v7.4 New Features     

We will showcase latest advancements. Join the B3 Team at one of the following webinars to hear more about these new features and open discussion.

  • Weather Normalization
  • Total Electric Reporting
  • Water Submeters
  • Daisy Chaining Submeters
  • And more...

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Previous Webinars

Reporting: How to Use Exports Effectively

Presentation- Download here

You have your data in B3 Benchmarking, and now you're asking yourself, "How do I communicate this information?" In this session, we:

  • discuss who should hear about building performance,
  • walk through each possible Excel, print, and pdf export available,
  • identify where to find the new Benchmarking by Fuel type metrics,
  • and use real data from organizations to highlight the most common and valuable exports for communicating the performance of your buildings in a concise and attractive manner.

Using B3 Benchmarking and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Together

Presentation - Download here

Are you curious about the differences between B3 Benchmarking and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?  In this webinar, we look at the features and opportunities the two Benchmarking tools provide and discuss how they help you make progress on your energy improvement goals.

Public B3 Results - Introduction to the Public Website

Presentation - Download here

Reporting Functions

Presentation - Download here

Application Overview

Presentation - Download here

Phase II Overview

Presentation - Download here

Making Iowa Public Building Benchmarking Public

B3 Benchmarking Application Overview & New Features (Phase 1 Participants)

Presentation - Download here

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