• B3 Benchmarking is an invaluable tool that adds visibility and gives accessibility to our building energy performance. In contrast to our building automation systems, the dashboards and the four main analyses in B3 really help us understand our energy consumption. It has been worth the investment of time to maintain our data, because it makes us much more efficient at analysis. Also, because the information and graphics are intelligently displayed, it makes energy exciting to talk about.

    From a leadership standpoint, we are much better able to prepare and communicate about buildings. For example, when the Adjutant General makes a visit to an armory, he uses B3 analysis to prepare himself with information about that building’s performance. He then knows what to investigate at the site if there are problems, or he knows that congratulations to the building manager are in order for reducing energy consumption. Being able to provide that feedback is invaluable for engaging remote building managers.

    We are really integrating B3 Benchmarking into how we operate buildings. Analysis results influence our work order process and our investments. I personally use B3 most to prioritize buildings for annual audits. Using the Index Ratio, I identify buildings that are the highest consumers and I make sure I hit those first. With the audit results, I am excited to begin exploring the improvements feature to set realistic targets and use these targets as a communication and motivation tool.

    Kimberly Dickey
    State Energy Manager of the Iowa Army National Guard
  • We use the tool, because it combines monthly bill entry, reporting and ENERGY STAR® into one intuitive package. The software is accessible from the Web so that multiple users (with password capability) can enter information. We utilize the report features for analyzing trends in consumption verses costs, and especially like the weather normalization when comparing monthly and annual consumption. We also use the data export feature to create additional spreadsheets and customize to particular business needs.

    Tammy Carter
    Energy Project Supervisor for Cedar Rapids Community School District
  • After looking at ENERGY STAR® and other benchmarking tools, we choose B3 benchmarking because the system specialized in analyzing public buildings. As a result of using the tool, we learned that our City Hall was using much more energy than other city halls in Iowa, which has spurred us to do and justify the costs for a recommissioning study of the building.

    Steven Van Steenhuyse
    Director of Development Services for Mason City
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