October 2020

Exciting B3 News!

B3 Benchmarking has gotten a redesign... log in to check it out!

We are pleased to announce B3 Benchmarking has been redesigned. When you now log in and launch the application, you will experience a new user interface. We have streamlined how the application flows and improved performance for faster response times.

Below are some screenshots and highlights of the new experience. The complete list of updates can be found on the website under Release Notes. We will be holding a couple of new feature webinars to further walk through this new version and answer any questions. Registration links are located at the bottom of this newsletter.


The new landing page of B3 is this dashboard view. This view can be customized to highlight key metrics that are most important to you. Organization(s) that have both energy and water usage can define widgets to report on each and combined for cost reporting. If you’re a finance person, focus your widgets on cost related metrics. The integrated map reports the selected key metric, to the right of the map. The configurator view is accessed via the gear icon in upper right.

The dashboard widgets can be moved, resized, added, and metrics changed (in most).

  • Position: Widgets can be dragged to a new position when the mouse cursor changes to a move icon (four arrows), which happens over the gray widget header. Other widgets will adjust to shift into the gap.
  • Width: A widget’s width can be adjusted to fixed increments, which are in quarters and thirds. Moving the mouse over the dots in the lower right corner will change the mouse curse to adjust the widget’s width to the desired size. When making a widget wider, widgets to the right will shift to the next row if necessary.
  • Add: Additional widgets can be added by clicking the “Add a widget” plus. The default widget is Energy but than can be changed to any options in the dropdown.
  • Delete: Widgets can be removed by clicking the trash can icon in the upper right corner, except for the Map and Metric widgets.
  • Metrics: Widgets that have a dropdown in the title gray bar can be changed to report on different metrics. Some metrics have additional selections, e.g. meter source type and units.



A new data view consolidates sites, buildings, and meters. This level of data is now available rolled up at the organization level in addition to each respective site. Related tools that are in the main menu (now relabeled Tools) are now also easily accessible at the bottom of the Data tab. A filter option allows to select disparate sets of source types across energy and water.


B3 provides four key metrics on the energy side and currently one (sometimes two) on the water side. These are available under the Metrics view. There is also a filter button in the upper right corner to allow you to drill into specific energy sources for B3 Benchmark or switch between energy and water for ENERGY STAR® and Baseline. Note, ENERGY STAR only provides water scores for multi-family properties. This button also allows you to change the view from usage to dollars or carbon (energy only) and select SF or person normalization.


Some of the options have moved on this view but still have similar functions. A fun new graphing feature is the bar at the bottom of the graph can be resized and slid to adjust the timeframe of the data. There are still dropdowns when options are expanded to select a specific timeframe. The different chart types (e.g. annual or year over year) are also under the timeframe selection. The Meters section allows selection of energy or water sources, a specific meter or when reporting on costs All.

Share Access

Another new feature specific to organization data owners, you can now share access to individuals right from within the application and no longer need to submit an “Add a User” request form. Within Tools in the upper right corner (previously called 'Menu'), data owners will see a link to Share Access towards the bottom under My Account. This will provide a window to enter an individual’s name and email address and grant them view or edit rights to selected organizations and/or sites. Only organizations and sites that a data owner is responsible for can be shared. Once the share is submitted, the data owner and individual will receive an email confirmation.



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