April 2019

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  1. Improvements to Water Mode
  2. Global Application Menu
  3. Targets
  4. Hierarchical Tree
  5. Additional Excel Exports
  6. Meter Editor
  7. Ethanol Meters
  8. Training Videos

Improvements to Water Mode

Historically, water, sewer, and stormwater fees have been tracked in separate B3 meters. Going forward, these have been merged into a single meter to facilitate data entry. New water meters will prompt to track the additional columns in line with the main water meter, similar to demand and transport charges in energy mode. The Total Charge column will be calculated based on the individual charge columns entered. Sewer and stormwater fees can continue to be tracked separately should they not align with the water readings, e.g. annual stormwater fees. Where the sewer and stormwater fee readings dates aligned with water readings, those meters were automatically merged together into one water meter in B3. If the reading dates did not align, those sites will still have separate water, sewer and/or stormwater fee meters. If those meters should be merged, please contact B3 Support to assist with the process. The Meter Reading import wizard has also been updated to support the new consolidated structure with sewer and stormwater fees being in with water consumption.

Global Application Menu

If you haven’t been in B3 lately, the mode tabs in the upper right have been replaced with a global application menu, aka hamburger menu. This brings various tools and functions in one easy to find menu available from anywhere within the application. Within this menu, there is now also an ADA accessibility mode to enhance the usability for those in need.


Relative targets now step down monthly after the baseline period and reach the targeted savings by the start of the achieve period. This provides a better understanding during the improvement period if the organization and/or site is on track to achieve the targeted percent saved. Another enhancement to water mode was the addition of water targets. Water targets work the same as energy targets and can be defined as relative or absolute at either the organization or site level.

Hierarchical Tree

For users that have access to large portfolios with multiple levels or multiple portfolios, the hierarchical tree on the left can get a bit lengthy. The splitter control between the tree and application window is now movable to adjust for longer organization and site names. The hierarchical search functionality has also been enhanced to return just those organizations, sites and/or buildings that match the search criteria.

Additional Excel Exports

We continue to expand the offering of Excel export templates and enhance existing ones. Warning and error message can be exported to assist with clearing them issues. Events can be exported to reconcile that all have been entered. Additional date range selections have been added so all consumption exports can be narrowed to a defined time frame. In addition to these enhancements, there is also the Custom exports to configure and save user specific selections.

Meter Editor

While in the meter editor, there is now the option to just Save (apply) updates without having to Save & Close. This will commit the updates to the database and remove the option to Cancel without applying those updates. The Cancel button will change to Close signifying the updates made prior to clicking Save have already been committed and cannot be canceled. If you make further updates after clicking Save, the Close and Cancel buttons will not save subsequent updates. You must then click the Save & Close button to save subsequent updates and close the editor. The new Save only button is helpful to re-sort readings chronologically or if numerous readings have been entered and want to ensure they are saved should an issue arise.

Ethanol Meters

As additional alternative fuels are utilized in the industry, B3 will continue to expand the sources tracked. The latest energy fuel source added to B3 is ethanol. This is sometimes used as a supplemental heating source.

Training Videos

Need a refresher on using B3 Benchmarking or looking to learn something new? Short 2-3 minute videos have been produced covering numerous topics to teach and refresh some of the basic concepts of B3. The videos can be found under the About menu from the main page.

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