Release Notes

Version 7.0 (6/13/2017)

  • Improvement Plan – lets users prioritize sites they wish to target for improvements and monitor savings
  • Event Comparison Reporting
  • Person Normalization
  • Baseline weather normalization support at the organization level
  • Export to Excel more responsive to the filters chosen in the app (normalization, weather normalization, energy source type)
  • Archived Energy Documents can be managed at both the site and organization level
  • Security updates with tighter password requirements and recovery operations
  • Benchmark modeling engine updated to latest WeidtSIM version
  • Xcel Integration Wizard supports full e-commerce capabilities
  • Additional reporting options for wastewater treatment plants –Plant flow normalization and BOD Removed normalization in Baseline tab

Version 6.6 (12/21/2016)

  • Support for wastewater treatment plants
  • Expansion of wastewater treatment plant ENERGY STAR scores for plants operating at less than 0.6 MGD
  • Support for three renewable meter types - PV Renewable, Wind Renewable and Thermal Renewable
  • New meter type 'Flow Meter' with input values for flow rate, influent BOD and effluent BOD
  • Specific meter reporting for interval meters
  • New Ratio column in Reports tab when viewing a Benchmark comparison
  • Meter reading import wizard support when grouped by attribute

Version 6.5 (9/21/2016)

  • Building level metrics at benchmark, baseline and reporting level
  • Building metrics acknowledge meter-to-building connections
  • New meter-level warning issued for meters not connected to any buildings
  • Override flag introduced to allow meters to be marked as not connected to any buildings
  • Potential savings calculation modified to summate the potential savings for each building at each energy source type
  • New 'Reporting On' panels in Benchmark and Baseline tabs to display relevant buildings and meters
  • Redesigned meter editor with new Connections tab
  • Meters allowed to be assigned to other organizations and sites in Meter Editor
  • New Admin tab in Meter Editor for administrative controls
  • Updated icons for multi-building sites, single building sites, non-buildings and decommissioned buildings
  • Meter reading import wizard supports updates to existing readings as well as new readings
  • Updated search engine
  • ENERGY STAR connection wizard allows import start date to be specified
  • Fix to interval meter square foot normalization calculations and completeness percentages
  • Fix to peer comparison tab to update chart and metrics when toggling between comparison selection

Version 6.4 (8/13/2016)

  • Support for Events - custom markers in all graphs to denote changes in buildings, operation and meters
  • Update to WeidtSIM engine version 2.6
  • Fix when selecting a site or org greater than 4 levels deep on the navigation tree.
  • Fix to (Unassigned) node when grouping by attribute
  • Correction to summer quarterly reports
  • Update to % Complete column in Report summary table
  • Parent organization name included in site detail heading
  • Meter editor consumption field max length expanded to 15 characters
  • Fix to organization date created field initialization
  • Notification added to meter editor for meters that are linked to ENERGY STAR
  • Bug fix to building count display

Version 6.3.1 (4/5/2016)

  • Update to ENERGY STAR web service signature
  • Fix to building and meter count when toggling decommissioned/disconnected checkboxes
  • Update to MNSCU quarterly report to use weather normalize actual to baseline weather method
  • Fix to GetRoles stored procedure to better handle client-level rights
  • Annual summary report moved to general 'Export To Excel' window
  • New export to Excel option for annual consumption data and annual consumption data by site

Version 6.3.0 (3/27/2016)

  • Support for cascading parent/child relationships across organizations, and multilevel inheritance for rights, addresses and baselines.
  • New Client concept. Reassignment of many private and other sector organizations to designated clients.
  • New State Agency baseline reporting in public reports
  • Revamp of individual roles and privileges to multilevel organization tiers
  • Updated Iowa branded portal design and content
  • Inclusion of 'Sign Out' link on main master page header
  • Fix to organization editor to no longer reset data owner when opening as non-admin
  • Open air parking lots no longer assumed to include supplemental heating when exporting to Energy Star
  • Weather normalization routine limits returning buildings and meters based on method and sf normalization selection
  • Reports tab updated to include percent complete and up/down percent change designation

Version 6.2.0 (2/26/2016)

  • Supporting websites redesign. Update to layout, content, structure, mobile-friendliness
  • Login process standardized onto Launch page
  • AM Charts updated to latest version. Reports tab code updated to reuse single instance of the Chart variable
  • Weather normalization option removed from rolling average report
  • Potential savings calculation updated to only include when consumption and dollars are over threshold
  • New Site/Building/Meter import engine updated to support importing of mass meter readings
  • Building and Meter counts updated to reflect shared buildings and shared meters
  • Branded portal supports custom address, phone, email, background color

Version 6.1.2 (2/2/2016)

  • Disconnected sites, buildings and meters separated out in Summary tab, not included in completeness stats
  • Ability to assign individuals to specific branded portals. Welcome email URL references portal address
  • Fix to actual water consumption column in export to Excel
  • Stacked tooltips in Reports tab

Version 6.1.1 (1/30/2016)

  • New 'Group By Utility Company' functionality
  • Updated eGRID carbon emission factors
  • Rerunning of all B3 Benchmarks
  • Fix to Excel export wizard focused cell when no meter readings entered
  • Correction to water mode baseline tab actual column and baseline change column
  • Reports tab 'Reporting on' label changed to associated meters rather than connect to meters

Version 6.1.0 (1/19/2016)

  • Greatly improved support for printing
  • New functionality to save graphs out to PNG and JPG format
  • Inclusion of benchmark reporting at the composite level – reports only benchmark-complete sites
  • Update to baseline reports at the composite level - reports only on baseline-complete sites
  • New EUI report
  • Inclusion of site counts in ‘Reporting On’ label
  • Support for latitude and longitude coordinates for non-buildings & weather station selection
  • All grids allow columns to be resized
  • Update to summary count table to properly accommodate decommissioned sites
  • Fix to benchmark calculations using domestic hot water

Version 6.0.8 (1/10/2016)

  • Updates to Excel export to better match on-screen layout
  • Meter editor 'Peak Demand' column header units now populated for all energy source types
  • Correction to chilled water emission calculation

Version 6.0.7 (1/6/2016)

  • Collection of TMY weather data for all weather stations
  • Removal of Benchmark comparison in Reports tab when viewing anything other than a site
  • Fix to square foot normalization in Reports tab for interval meters
  • Export to Excel file names given unique time stamp
  • Fix to site counts when toggling between decommissioned sites
  • Correction to report summary end dates

Version 6.0.6 (1/3/2016)

  • Removal of legacy Silverlight application
  • Baseline period selector now displays confidence percentage instead of number of meters completed
  • Updates to RADS report to show benchmark completeness, and better match of EUI and Dollars/SF
  • Updates to password reset functionality to hide inputs when reset key is expired
  • Group by utility functionality complete
  • Locked header row in exported Excel worksheets

Version 6.0.5 (12/23/2015)

  • Locked table headers in meter editor
  • Updates to RADS report benchmarks to match application

Version 6.0.4 (12/20/2015)

  • Site Summary tab's four metrics boxes always visible (not hidden during errors)
  • ESPM web services signature updated to latest version
  • Group by utility company benchmarks updated to reflect selected utility company only
  • Bug fix to interval meter calculations
  • Fix to ESPM score gathering for sites with data centers
  • Meter cache cleared after import from ESPM

Version 6.0.3 (12/4/2015)

  • Fix to RADS report complete SF and complete meters for state agencies
  • Updates to more conversion factors to match ESPM
  • Control Center meters sort by functionality
  • Control Center filter users by administrator
  • Fix to Benchmarking tab javascript error. Caused chart to not render in IE9 or IE10
  • Search placeholder term in search text box changed to be compatible with IE9 and IE10

Version 6.0.2 (11/29/2015)

  • Support for natural gas units in kcf. Existing meters defined in mcf converted to kcf.
  • Natural gas kBtu conversion factors changed from 1029 to 1026 to match ENERGY STAR
  • Report tab bug fix when comparing to benchmark, all energy source types
  • Fix to seasonal report generator

Version 6.0.1 (11/20/2015)

  • Support for specific meter selection in Reports tab
  • Meter Editor no longer defaults a new blank meter reading for new meters
  • Meter editor cursor focus defaults to newest entry instead of oldest
  • RADS reporting completeness changed to general-complete instead of benchmark-complete
  • Fix to quarterly report generator dates
  • Export to Excel window Cancel button renamed to Close when submitted
  • Days Overdue renamed to Days Old on Summary tab

Version 6.0.0 (11/14/2015)

  • Redesigned and redeveloped in HTML5
  • Compatible with most modern web browsers and tablet devices
  • Optimized service and data layer for faster performance
  • Integration with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to automatically import ESPM data on an ongoing basis
  • Month and year navigation in benchmark and baseline graphs
  • Advancements in reporting:
    • Weather normalization options for baseline-to-actual and actual-to-baseline
    • Peak demand reporting
    • Square footage report
    • Month and year duration settings
    • Outside air temperature plotting
    • Comparison reporting on benchmark
    • Smarter report templates
    • Listing of reported buildings and meters at all levels
    • Reports tab available in all tree groupings
  • Detailed reasons displayed when ENERGY STAR cannot provide a score
  • Integrated Google map reporting
  • Ability to show/hide disconnected meters and decommissioned buildings
  • Potential savings dollar calculations updated to use actual costs
  • Support for additional meter unit types

v5.1 (5/17/2015)

  • Advanced Benchmarking

v5.0 (2/16/2015)

  • B3 Benchmarking now uses WeidtSIM®; for all building modeling to calculate a basic benchmark. Advanced benchmarking coming soon in version 5.1
  • Minnesota benchmarks upgraded to the ASHRAE 90.1 2010 standard
  • Buildings now recognized with both a primary building type and collection of space allocation types (SATs)
  • Support for over 70 buildings types, each driven by The WeidtSIM Typical Building Template System v2.0.
  • Graphical benchmark reporting by month
  • Benchmark filtering by energy source type and specified 12 month consumption period to compare against
  • Baseline controls to normalize baseline consumption to actual weather, or, conversely actual consumption normalized to baseline period weather
  • Baseline time period filtering for both actual consumption period and baseline consumption period
  • Peer comparison controls to compare buildings by space allocation types, or by building type
  • Enhanced integration with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager
  • Redesigned B3 MN supporting site with responsive design for tablet and mobile devices
  • New content pages in the MN support site – What is B3, features & benefits, testimonials, new case studies
  • Better support for non-building energy consumers with physical address specification
  • Support for sites with energy meters only (no water meters) and water meters only (no energy meters)

v4.5 (9/12/2014)

  • Support for sub meters
  • Branded portals
  • Automated seasonal reports
  • New ENERGY STAR space type support

v4.4 (5/1/2014)

  • New RADS (Rating and Disclosure System) Report
  • Support for sector and site-level privileges

v4.3 (4/20/2014)

  • Support for national utility rates
  • National e-Grid sub regions and carbon factors

v4.2 (3/10/2014)

  • Quarterly reports
  • Improvement programs (Improvements tab)
  • Archived energy documents (Improvements tab)
  • Branded portals
  • Support for organizations without sites
  • Completeness reporting

v4.1 (1/27/2014)

  • Meter reading import wizard
  • New organization editor and site editor
  • Cost avoidance report
  • Initial support for import from Energy Star Portfolio Manager

v4.0 (12/20/2013)

  • Redesigned user interface
  • Support for building images
  • Search by organization or site, with highlighted search results
  • Performance boost
  • Support for monthly weather data from over 2,000 weather stations across the continental US
  • Weather station selection in baseline tab
  • Revamped baseline tab with 12 month display
  • Bing map display in building editor, general tab
  • Print support from every folder tab
  • New freshness rating on summary tab
  • Simplified view and editing controls for single-building sites
  • Support for interval meter data
  • Tighter integration with Energy Star Portfolio Manager data

v3.5 (8/6/2013)

  • Water meters

v3.4 (2/19/2013)

  • Performance boost

v3.3 (12/5/2012)

  • Meter-level reporting

v3.2 (10/13/2012)

  • Public reports - general statistics, potential savings and data completeness.
  • Integration with Google maps. Metric reporting by mapped location.
  • Support for renewable energy source types.
  • Event reporting - building occupancy, building versions and target achieve dates.
  • Tooltip display options
  • Support for building and target descriptions

v3.1 (5/19/2012)

  • Removal of export privilege
  • New columns in the organization view - first reading date, last reading date
  • Export to Excel capabilities allowed in group by views

v3.0 (2/20/2012) 

  • Redesigned Interface. Streamlined for common tasks and standardized amongst all tabs and windows. Updated help and tooltips throughout the application.
  • Peer Comparison. New metric displays how a site is performing compared to peer sites of similar space usage
  • Summary Tab. New Summary tab displays organization and site status in terms of data being complete, correct, current and contiguous.  Site summary displays all four metrics together - benchmark, peer comparison, ENERGY STAR and baseline.
  • Add New Buildings & Sites. Add buildings and sites within the application. No longer needed to use a request form.
  • Export To Excel. Context-sensitive export links throughout the application. New exports include buildings, building space usages, meters, meter readings, and monthly consumption.
  • Advanced Meter Search. New advanced meter search tool allows you to quickly find meters using a variety of full or partial search parameters.
  • All Organization View. New high-level organizational view with navigation to specific organizations and sites.
  • Faster. Internal calculations and load times are more efficient. Group-by operations are streamlined for speed. Large datasets are summarized for efficiency.

v2.8 (1/7/2012)

  • Faster. Upgraded hardware and improvements to the software framework have sped up the B3 system significantly.
  • Custom Targets. Targets are used to establish quantifiable consumption goals for your organizations and sites. You can now define your own custom targets - relative targets against a baseline period, and absolute targets against a set of simulated monthly consumption.
  • Rolling Twelve Month Average. B3 reporting now includes a new chart type to display a rolling 12 month average over time for all fuel types.
  • Improved Reporting.The reporting tab allows users to control the visibility of weather normalization, baselines and targets. Custom report options are retained when viewing other organizations and sites.
  • Natural Gas Units.Therms have been separated from CCF as a separate unit selection. For users with natural gas meters, please review your specified units and adjust if necessary.
  • Conversion Factors.We have made minor modifications of our internal energy unit conversion factors to match that of industry standards.
  • Security Updates.The site now operates under SSL. Improvements have been made in password policies and caching.

v2.7 (9/24/2011)

  • Baseline definitions allowed at both the organization and site level
  • Baseline granularity expanded to month and year specification
  • Updated baseline period selection editor
  • New 'Program' custom attribute and reporting capabilities
  • Custom report configurations retain selections between clicks
  • Ability to specify separate transport charges from energy charges

v2.6.1 (8/23/2011)

  • CO2 factors updated to use latest Climate Registry data
  • CO2 numeric values formatted to show 2 significant digits
  • Custom attributes added to Excel exports
  • Locked building bug fixed - now allows Save button to be clicked when locked
  • B3 Control Center now allows meter to be added

v2.6 (6/29/2011)

  • Grouping – Ability to assign custom group attributes to organizations and sites and report on them collectively
  • Space Type Descriptions – Online help with detailed descriptions of each space type
  • Annual Summary Report – ability to report on sites as well as organizations
  • Mapping – building linkage to Google Maps
  • Operation Period – updated to allow decimal precision
  • Negative consumption values allowed in meter editor – First step towards implementation of renewable meters
  • Revamped new building and new contact request forms

v2.5 (2/21/2011)

  • Energy Star ratings
  • Building versioning
  • Introduction of the B3 Control Center for site administrators
  • New benchmarking engine and calculation subsystem
  • Enhanced interface for viewing benchmark, baseline and Energy Star data both at the organization and site levels
  • Enhanced messaging system, including the separation of benchmark, baseline and Energy Star errors and warnings
  • New tabbed building editor for the inclusion of building versioning and Energy Star attributes
  • Change to launch methodology, including separate launch page
  • Aged meter reading email alert system
  • Account editor, allowing users to change personal information
  • Email template system
  • Real-time statistics on supporting site

v2.2 (11/17/2010)

  • B3 Benchmarking application upgraded to Silverlight 4.0 and the 4.0 .NET Framework
  • Print capabilities from all report screens
  • Print preview, including the ability to save a report out as a graphic png format
  • Monthly data export report with weather data from total energy dashboard

v2.1.5 (10/7/2010)

  • Support for wood fuel sources
  • Meter search tool properly deals with double-clicks on meters in the grid
  • Addition of (Unknown) utility company for fuel oil, propane and wood delivery meters
  • Save button now enabled on all editors, even when required data is missing
  • Save button enabled on editors when no information has changed
  • Disconnected meters indicated as such in the meter list with strikethrough
  • Organization summary and site summary display only relavant fuel types in list
  • Space usage and special condition factors moved into relational data structure
  • Formalization of energy fuel sources, consumption units and their factors
  • Overlapping day adjustment in consumption calculations
  • LoadSitesSummaries method no longer being called twice upon load
  • Site Excel export now sorts by % change ratio
  • Site export fix to baseline carbon emissions
  • Enhanced stretching behaviors on all reporting screens
  • Standardization of selection and rollover colors
  • Standardization of baseline reporting in summary and report pages, use of most recent 12 months from each site

v2.1 (7/25/2010)

  • New Excel export capabilities for organization summary and site level data
  • New meter search mode for API/DNR integration
  • Import of DNR region 4 data
  • Introduction of 'Image ID' at the meter reading level. Linkage to PDF via API SOAP link
  • New privilege rights system. Four new privileges - API, DNR, Full Mode, Meter Search Mode
  • New field 'Region' added to organization level
  • New field 'Site Code' added to organization level
  • New field 'Consultant' added to organization level, included in organization Excel export
  • New field 'Group' added to site level, plus new lookup table for defined groups
  • Group editor added to site level, editable by DNR and API only
  • New field 'NonBuilding' added to site level
  • New field 'TankNumber' added to meter level, applicable to propane and fuel oil fuel types
  • New field 'DemandCharge' at meter reading level
  • Negative total dollar amounts allowed in meter editor
  • Address, city, state and zip fields added to vendor (utility company)
  • Data owner column added to organization Excel export
  • New DNR space types added to master space type list
  • Governer put on best 12 month function to ensure the return of no more than 12 months
  • Ability to select data owners in admin site via drop down list
  • Removal of prospect label from admin site

v2.0 (5/12/2010)

  • Descriptive error message now appears for enabled users with 0 sites. (Mark Sehr reported this bug). Prior versions resulted in a cryptic WCF error message.
  • Increased max message site from the default 64K. Addresses Brian Millberg’s problem of max message site exceeded. Correct in web.config.
  • Export to Excel is now properly functioning for non-TWGAdmin folks. Prior to this version, data owners had visibility to the ‘Export To Excel’ button, but no data actually made it out to Excel.
  • Bug fixed in the B3 Administrator which did not retain an ‘Export’ checkbox selection without an associated ‘View’ checked. The two checkboxes are synced now similar to the Edit/View checkbox behavior.
  • Export checkbox added to the organization editor in the B3 administrator
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